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Core Breathing -
The Master Key to
Vitality and Relaxation

Find out how Core Breathing can
Relieve Stress, Increase Vitality and
Decrease Chronic Muscle Pain.

Dr. Jonathan Kuttner
MBBCh, Dip O&G, FRNZCGP, Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FAFMM

The Problem – we spend a lot of time rushing through our busy lives, not conscious or being present in the moment.

This means you probably end up holding tension in your shoulders, upper back and chest. It's a negative cycle. The tension you're holding goes on to cause trigger points and can cause chronic pain.

Now here's something most people don't know. There is something that every one of us can improve, and doing this makes life easier, more enjoyable and peaceful.

Two Drivers

There are two main drivers in your body that regulate your physical and emotional state. They're so fundamental that we've almost forgotten about them – but if they stopped even for a minute, we would die.

They are breathing and heartbeat. And they're strongly connected. When your breathing is out of kilter, it makes your heart beat faster. This then affects your ability to think, move, react – even your emotional state.

It's a subtle thing. But if you fix it – you'll notice a profound difference. Let's look at how to do just that.

Two Types of Breathing

There are two types of breathing you can do. They are:

Both these types of breathing are necessary – in the right situation. But too often you end up using stress breathing when you should be diaphragm – or core breathing.

Now, this can turn into a vicious cycle. You get stressed, which turns on your stress breathing pattern.

You start feeling slightly out of control due to mild hypoventilation. You're using the least efficient muscles to breathe – and tiring them out.

This then leads to tense and tired shoulders, chest and upper back. Tiring these muscles out can switch on triggers, causing pain, increasing stress.

So as your anxiety and discomfort levels rise, you breathing gets worse – and thus the cycle continues.

Over time, this inefficient breathing can become your default mode. This actually increases stress, and can cause a whole raft of other problems.

Bad breathing habits can lead to chronic sore shoulders, trigger points, light headedness and a vague feeling of being out of control.

Why Improve Breathing?

Unfortunately, most people never even think much about breathing as a cause of stress and muscle pain. If you're reading this, you may have woken up to how much breathing affects your life.

If you:

Then read on….

Conscious Control

You can either choose to live unconsciously or consciously.

Likewise our breathing can be either unconscious or conscious.

When you practice conscious control of the breath regularly, you also improve your ability to live each moment of your life more consciously.

There is a definite connection between rate of breathing and either stress or relaxation. With calm breathing, stressful events can take less of a physical toll on you.

With the information in the course below, you'll find out how to change your patterns of stress breathing and practice conscious core breathing. The idea is to get your results you can see almost immediately.

A Simple Guide to Breathing
Techniques and Stress Reduction

Stress can profoundly weaken your immune system and lead to ill health. If you are finding it hard to deal with stress – these techniques can help you.

Core breathing can that reduces stress can not only make you feel better physically, but improve the overall quality of your life.

Anxiety heightens your sensation of pain, so calm breathing can help reduce pain, creating a virtuous cycle for you of relaxation and comfort.

You can use core breathing techniques to reduce trigger points - and prevent them coming back.

Discover How to Do
Core Breathing

This course is definitely not your typical new age fair. It's based on solid physiological principles and is applicable to just about everyone.

The format is easy to use. There are 12 videos that walk you through the process of core breathing step by step.

You can also easily jump between steps if you want to go faster or recap a particular step.

There's also a written guide so you don't have to watch the videos every time you want to use the techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qu: Is the course complicated and difficult to do?

A: No. The steps are extremely simple and can be done by anyone. It's all easy to read and understand information.

There are diagrams and models to give you a complete understanding of how to improve your breathing patterns. The exercises are grouped so as to provide maximum benefit to you.

Qu: Will I need special gear to do the breathing techniques?

A: No. You won't require special clothing, mats and pillows, or 10 minutes of set up.

Qu: Can I do these exercises anywhere?

A: Yes. These are exercises you can do at the office in the morning or at home before bed to improve health and reduce stress.

Qu: is it just about breathing? Sounds a bit common sense…..What if I already know all this information?

A: There's also information about how breathing interacts with trigger points – this is very useful in reducing muscle pain.

If you do find that you already know the information in the course, just email us for a prompt and courteous 60 day 100% money back guarantee – and you can keep the course for future reference.

Benefits of Core Breathing

Conscious and deliberate breathing is a real skill that we all can develop. It's also one of the master keys to being present and feeling alive.

There is a strong the connection of breath to physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Core breathing can give you fresh energy throughout the day so you can be active and functioning but still be relaxed internally.

"I already feel relax after breathing only five times, I didn't realize that I was tense. thanks…"

"Excellent sharing of a very useful technique to help relax the body as well as the mind in your daily life and as a massage therapist I may share this with my patients helping them reach the status of mind/body relaxation which will in turn reduce the pain they are experiencing for sure."

Quality of Life

Discovering core breathing is like having had a PC for years and suddenly discovering "right click." There it is; you've never thought about it; and discovering it makes your use of the machine so much more efficient.

Here's some of the benefits:

Keeping Good Habits

It's easy to start off well – and then slip back into bad habits of breathing.

With the core breathing course you'll get practical and easy to use tools that you can work with anytime you need to reconnect with your balanced center through breathing.

Is this Just New Agey Nonsense?

This course comes without the usual dose of spirituality and new age physiology that most books on this subject have.

Instead it's a simple breathing course to introduce you to core breathing principles.

The focus isn't on esoteric breathing exercises but on remembering and relearning the deep, smooth, easy breath we had as children.

Core Breathing is about catching yourself when you may be in a stressful situation and you are holding your breath.

You'll become more and more aware that there is ALREADY a centre within you and you just need to bring yourself back to it to feel focused and stress free.

So basic, so useful, you wonder why you didn't think of it…

Some people may think that information on breathing is just simple common sense and there is no fresh information.

However, this is similar to some people's attitude to nutrition – it's a fundamental that's often ignored, and the benefits to good breathing are profound.

"Breathing is such an absolute need in our lives. ...I can see how pausing when you breath out can be very healing. Thank you for all your help." - Beth

"I completely agree with the importance of breathing to keep us away from muscular pain."
Samuel S.

" Hi Jonathon, I taught this type of diaphragmatic breathing when I worked as an OT in stress management. What I've noticed since I became injured and then developed CMPS is that I shallow breathe when concentrating on something.

"Even though I know about how to breathe in a healthy way, I've managed to fall into a bad habit. So, as you so rightly say, it is about awareness.I hope with this awareness I can ease my pain levels further. Thank you" - Adam

Asthma and Respiratory Problems

While these techniques are not meant specifically for people with serious breathing issues like severe asthma, they can help give a good foundation and understanding of what good breathing 'feels' like.

So these simple breathing exercises can be very helpful for asthmatics and for many other physical conditions like panic attacks.

With the course you'll get strategies to help understand and deal with a problem of overbreathing.

You'll discover how to relax and calm your breathing in times of stress until it quickly goes back to a more normal rhythm and depth.

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