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Course Closed

The Dry Needling for Trigger Points Course is currently closed. If you'd like to go on the priority notifcation list when it next opens, just leave your email in the box below.


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dry needling course

anatomy manual
  • A systematic way to use needling so that you always have a large margin of safety

  • Interactive charts detailing all the major trigger points in the body. These are designed so that you can quickly find the correct points to treat
  • An interactive tool to quickly see what underlying structures you need to be aware when you're needling
  • A set of techniques I use when performing dry needling on trigger points. These include strategies for different kinds of clients, and how I adjust the needles for maximum effect and comfort
  • A review of the different types of needles and when to use them
  • A set of other options for treatment. You can use these on trigger point locations where it's preferable not to needle
  • Techniques to make the effect of the treatment last longer


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Trigger Point Course Bonuses

trigger point evidence

Free Bonus #1: Trigger Point Evidence Base ($37 value)

In these videos we'll go over the science behind trigger point release. You'll discover exactly what's going on inside the muscle tissue - at a microscopic level - as you're doing a trigger point release.

taking a history

Free Bonus #2: The Secret Sauce ($19 value)

Over the years I've discovered that this is the key to getting the treatment right - and making it last.

This is unexpected, and not immediately obvious, however when you get this part correct, everything else follows smoothly

dry needling electric

Free Bonus #3: Electrical Stimulation ($29 Value)

This techniqe I've used for many years now. I've found it to be very effective for people who have restricted movement - especially in their head, neck and shoulders.

The reason this is such an exciting technique is that it's dynamic. You are literally increasing the range of movement as you're applying the treatment.


Free Bonus #4: Q&A Seminar ($37 Value)

This opportunity will only be available for the first group of customers. A week after you purchase the course, we'll send you a form to fill out. You can ask anything you'd like Jonathan to answer.

We'll then record a Q&A seminar with your questions answered and make it available for you on the site.