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Shoulder pain is an area (like so many) where sometimes the sufferer has to do all the research - so we've prepared something that will shortcut that process for you.

Are any of the following true for you:

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With shoulder pain, the problem is often something that's been brewing for months - or sometimes even years. You see, the shoulder is a complex joint - one of the most mobile in the animal kingdom. It’s a beautiful collaboration of 3 real joints, 2 apparent joints, 4 posture muscles and 3 power muscles.

And any engineer can tell you that with mobility and complexity come mechanical problems.

Here's What Happens When
Your Shoulder Muscles Aren't
Working In Harmony...

It's like driving a car when the wheels are badly out of alignment - eventually you'll wear down the tire treads - or get another type of mechanical failure.

In a healthy shoulder, the head of the humerus is beautifully balanced by all the rotator cuff muscles working together. While the power muscles do the hard work of levering and powering your arm, these rotator muscles have to dance in perfect harmony to keep the head of the humerus positioned in the gleno-humeral joint.

Now - if there's any dysfunction in these muscles - your shoulder joint will stop working properly - and you'll notice this when you start to get shoulder pain.

Right Now, You Could be Further
Damaging Your Shoulder Joint

"Bone on bone" is one common expression to describe how impinged shoulders feel. It’s a grinding deep pain, and can severely impact quality of life. And often, this description is 100% accurate - the pain is coming from a "bone on bone" movement.

And that's not good for the long term health of your shoulder joint.

Now, there are usually two responses people have to this kind of shoulder pain.

The first is to move the arm as little as possible to avoid getting the pain. The second is to grit teeth and move the arm despite the pain.

Both responses are not that helpful.

Fortunately, there’s a third response.

You can retrain the way your shoulder muscles move.

This is different to a passive solution such as having a surgeon cut into the bone, or massage where you're waiting to get fixed..

When you retrain movement you are working on the underlying cause of the problem - not just the symptoms.. The improvement can be dramatic – of life-changing proportions.

I’ve seen people go back to feeling energetic and alive. Because with their shoulder pain under control they’re able to work out again and become active as they were before their shoulder pain.

For a complete treatment, you need to get the solution from several angles.

1 You need the trigger point solution for the rotator cuff muscles
2 You need to deeply understand the anatomy of the shoulder – and why this complex joint gets problems that keep coming back
3 You need to know the difference between rotator cuff injuries, shoulder impingement and a TRUE frozen shoulder – and why these problems all need completely different treatments
4 You need techniques and very gentle exercises to rehabilitate your shoulder – especially post shoulder surgery and post frozen shoulder
5 You'll get tips and tricks to minimise shoulder pain if you're stuck in a desk job 40 hours a week

Over the years you may have been to naturopaths, osteopaths, physio and countless others - but no-one has been able to offer any long lasting solutions for your shoulder pain.

You may have seen doctors, physiotherapist, chiropractors, had massages and gone to every extreme posssible. And after every x-ray, MRI to bone -isotope has shown nothing and they've told you that you are a mystery.

Nothing seems to last for long term pain relief, and no one explanation fits.

Here's some other problems that may come from shoulder joint dysfunction or frozen shoulder:

Why is Shoulder Pain
So Difficult to Solve?

For anyone who has suffered from shoulder pain the often contradictory information out there can be bewildering.

I would like for you to get to the root of the problem, rather than just how to treat it. Treating the symptoms of shoulder pain will only bring temporary relief, while treating the underlying cause brings about long term relief.

Understanding the shoulder is all about understanding functional anatomy – the secret is in how all the muscles and joints work together while your shoulder is moving.

Discover the Active
Shoulder Rehabilitation Solution

Here’s a little known fact – in many cases, you can retrain your movement to stop shoulder pain.

This is because a lot of shoulder problems come from impingement in the shoulder joint – and this is one area where you can ‘remodel’ the way you move to avoid pain and damage.

Most people would like to live a normal life, go to work, do things with their children, without being dictated to by shoulder pain. If your goal is to become mobile and able to perform work on a daily basis, then you need to learn techniques to become retrain natural shoulder movement and become free of shoulder pain.

I firmly believe that you must become your own advocate, learning as much about your shoulder as possible so that you can effect your own recovery.

This means that your health is in the hands of the person who cares about it most - you.

If You're Considering
Shoulder Surgery

If you're considering surgery, it's still worth reading everything you can find on shoulder injuries. In many cases, surgery should be a last resort - not the first port of call.

And by all means, you should get several opinions before getting surgery. But most of people (especially people in pain) don't have the time or resources to find and sift through available studies and alternatives.

With this course, you'll get insight as to what is going on with your own injury – the details that often don't get given enough time to explain.

Note that I am *NOT* saying to skip seeking medical advice, I am saying that this course gives you a ready reference to supplement your knowledge and to keep on hand while treating your injury.

Shoulder Rehabilitation –
Post Operation

Pain is no fun and recovery from shoulder surgery is often a long process.

However you can use the exercises in the course to get past post surgical pain and start to recover your range of motion.

The final goal, of course is for you to get back to all your normal sports, full tilt – but with a new understanding so that you don't run the risk of re-injury.

In fact, the information in this course could be worth hundreds of $'s to you in treatment fees, time off work, and missed opportunities for exercise and activity.

Armed with these techniques you can start rehabilitating your shoulder at your own convenience at home and on the road. It’s recovery – at your pace, in your own control.

Here's what's covered in the course:


tick Part 1: How the Design of the Shoulder Causes Pain

Find out exactly how the complext shoulder joint works - and how this can cause problems

shoulder joint

In this section we go over the functional anatomy of your shoulder. You'll get an essential understanding of how this magnificently complex joint is constructed, and how this construction can cause problems.

This is a key foundation to the successful treatment of the shoulder, and even if you know this anatomy well it's worth revisiting it.

tick Part 2: The 5 Steps to Treat and Rehab Shoulder Pain - Without Surgery

In this section we'll look at all the common causes of shoulder pain - and how to treat them. We'll cover:

  • What it really means to have a partiall rotator cuff tear. (It's quite different from what most people think)
shoulder manuals
  • Why the order in which you use your shoulder muscles is more important than how strong or flexible they are
  • Shoulder impingement and how to treat it
    (Sometimes for impingement you don't need to do anything except treat active triggers and retrain the arm movement. If that isn't sufficient, you'll discover the range of treatment options available – and their pros and cons.)
  • Find out how to distinguish the different types of shoulder injuries and how to approach rehabilitation
  • Effective rehab techniques to increase shoulder mobility that can easily be applied at home

tick Part 3: Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Now, section 2 dealt with all the common shoulder problems. But there's another condition called frozen shoulder. It's not as common - but it has a MASSIVE negative impact on people who do have it - and many people miss it - causing months of unecessary pain.

That's because frozen shoulder is entirely different from rotator cuff problems – as different as a strong wind warning is from a Category 5 hurricane.

And because frozen shoulder is a very particular condition, and has to be treated in a very particular way. If you don't spot it, and use some of the usual techniques for manually treating shoulders, they won't help - and may even make the pain significantly worse.

frozen shoulder rehabilitation

I know of only one way to treat frozen shoulder effectively and safely - I'll share it in detail in the course.

This treatment is a fast and efficient way to dramatically reduce the pain and increase shoulder mobility when someone is suffering from a true frozen shoulder.

And there's a unique twist I've developed that I'll be sharing in the course. (And applying this technique only takes about 30 minutes - and can be done in a simple clinic setting.)

tick Bonus: Rotator Cuff Trigger Points

Trigger points are an important ingredient to fully rehabilitating the shoulder. So you'll get a bonus section on eactly how to find and treat trigger points in the rotator cuff and shoulder power muscles.

Discover what to do when chronic neck issues, arm and shoulder pain make it very difficult to even reach your trigger points - let alone treat them.

You'll find out how to get rid of very strong, old and deep trigger points, and how to differentiate between trigger and rotator cuff problems.

You'll get detailed charts and videos showing you how to treat trigger points in the following muscles:

  • Trapezius
  • Infraspinatus
  • Supraspinatus
  • Levator Scapula
  • Deltoid
  • Rhomboid
  • Pectoralis Minor
  • Scalenes
  • Pectoralis Major
  • Levator Scapula
  • Deltoid
  • Latissimus Dorsi
trigger points shoulder videos

tick Bonus: Computer & Office Strategies

Hours of computer use is one major reason for the rise of serious shoulder pain.

In this section you'll find out how to deal with shoulder pain when you have to spend 8 hours a day working at a desk on the computer.

  • Discover Healthy Seating Options
  • Get a Self Care Schedule (and software unobtrusive software that reminds you to take breaks)
  • FInd out Stress Reduction Techniques for your workplace
  • Outside work - discover what you can do each day to stay pain free - even if you have to spend long hours in front of a computer
avoid computer pain

What's the Next Step?

If your shoulder pain is caused by impingement, you could be making it worse the more you move it. Muscle imbalances and active triggers in the rotator cuff muscles can tighten the supraspinatus tendon – potentially damaging it as you move.

Why continue in pain if you can trial a non-surgical solution? Before you try shoulder surgery I would suggest trying the techniques in this course - they're non-invasive, and could be the key to ending your shoulder pain.

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Testimonials from previous Shoulder Course Customers:

“Hi Jonathan, I really enjoyed your course. I think you are a wonderful lecturer and so clear. It’s a pleasure to listen to your presentation and I have found the information generally useful….I have been having shoulder problems for over two and a half years now and I have tried to study trigger points from your videos and, originally, from a book by Clair Davies.

“I particularly found your anatomy discussion helpful in trying to visualise what is going wrong. I could then try to use my shoulder differently, especially when doing yoga poses.

“Your course was definitely a catalyst in helping me make some very necessary changes. ( I also learned an exercise someone showed me that she got from an osteopath, and I’ve started taking Feldenkrais lessons. I am determined to beat this thing.)

“Best wishes. I think you are doing a grand and useful job.”- Marion Bloch (age 71)

“I am a self taught swimmer (late starter) – no problem with that – until late last year when I taught myself the breast stroke. Shoulder problems appeared but I never associated this with swimming – not until you started the SHOULDER TREATMENT COURSE.

” So I had a swimming teacher take a good look at my technique to see if there might be an issue.
AND IT APPEARS THERE WAS – ON MY BREAST STROKE I WAS USING MY ARMS IN A VERY WIDE CIRCULAR MOVEMENT AND PUTTING QUITE A STRAIN ON MY SHOULDERS. I got instruction on the proper stroke and – would you believe – the problem has eased considerably. So using the new stroke AND YOUR TRIGGER POINT RELEASE COURSE I AM ON THE MEND.

1. The course is absolutely brilliant

2. Never had any doubts at all about the course

3. Results have been good so far, I need to work some more on my issues

4. The course is fine as it stands, you appear to have all necessary info to point people towards what they need to know and do to help fix their problem.” – Stephen Murray

I am reading and listening with interest to your information on shoulder pain, thank you….I thought I would take this opportunity to thank you (if you ever get round to reading what I assume is an enormous postbag), for all the information you make available....

“I am a massage therapist, just very basically trained in Swedish massage. I have only ever worked as a volunteer as I had a well paid job in IT. I volunteer in our local hospice and go in one night a week, have done so since 1998. I am now retired from IT. To keep myself out of trouble I now also work part time as an auxiliary nurse in the same hospice.

“Using the trigger point treatment when appropriate has been very useful indeed. I am massaging round tumours and operation sites and so on with patients who are in the last days/weeks/months of life. So ordinary caveats are not needed, easing tension, pain and comforting with touch is what is required.

“I have found that I can teach your very gentle technique to the patient if they can reach the points, or they can pass it on to any helpful relation/visitor. The great thing is that it empowers people to help themselves – this seems very important indeed when everything else seems to be leaving them. If I can free up a neck so they can sleep, or an arm so they can scratch or move, it is wonderful. Even better, is enabling them to work on themselves.

So thank you very much for all you do

Kind regards

“I found the course extremely useful. Your enthusiasm made me excited about the shoulder as well. I am so much smarter and have such a clear understanding of the dynamics of the shoulder. I fully understand the rotator cuff and the skeletal bones as well the power muscles. You are an excellent teacher Jonathan and I will continue to take your courses as it assist me in my development as a yoga instructor. Thank you for the course...

“I am a better TriggerPoint Yoga teacher and I am certainly more intelligent. I understand impingement more fully and can help students move the shoulder correctly based on posture. As well one thing that stood out to me was demonstrating how to keep the supraspinatus in correct alignment when raising the arm out to the side. This is not only effective for those that have impingement or pain but as a whole I think we have so much tension that in many have adapted incorrect movement patterns based on chronic tension and this is a great example of how to keep the shoulder blade functional.

“I appreciate all the resources we have access to on your site!” - Ana Johnson

Remember – you don’t need to decide now. Just try it out – you have 60 days to do so – and see how it transforms your life. To get your access, just click the option you want below.

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PS: You can try out this product for 60 days risk free. If you're not 100% satisfied with your result, just email us at info@lifeafterpain.com for a prompt and courteous refund.

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$97 USD


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