Discover a Little Known (But Very Common) Cause of Chronic Pain

Could THIS Be the Key To Unravelling Your Chronic Pain?

Dr. Jonathan Kuttner
Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FAFMM

Are you tired of being in pain?

Do you feel like the the pain is never going to go away?

Do you wish you had some control over it – and your life?

Then read on.

You´re going to learn about the common cause of chronic pain that almost NO ONE knows about, and why this could be the key to regaining your normal life and getting rid of pain – for good.

To introduce this cause of chronic pain, let me tell you the story of how I ended 6 years of chronic back pain - without surgery, medication or expensive therapy.

In those days, my normal day looked like this: I had pain when I woke up, pain after any kind of exercise, pain every time I rested.The pain was the result of a bad hang gliding crash I had six years ago.

And since then, I had settled for the fact that the rest of my life I was going to have pain as a constant companion.

Then one day as I was working away seeing patients I had a revelation.

It was obvious but very exciting. When I was at work, I didn´t feel any back pain.


On the outside, this didn´t make any sense. I was doing nothing different at work than when I was resting at home. But somehow I wasn´t feeling my usual pain.

This question started my journey down a rabbit hole that took me in some unusual directions - and ultimately to freedom from pain.

So how can this story help you become pain free? First, you need to understand how pain works.

Your pain system is an amazingly complicated arrangement linking your nerves back to the central control system - your brain. And your brain holds a collection of thoughts and feelings that are often at odds with each other. It is not the neat, well organized, logical organ we would like it to be.

What science is now realising is that your brain is what filters pain messages - and can alter how much pain you actually feel.

Furthermore - while pain is sometimes a protective warning system, at other times it is in fact your mind’s way of communicating other important messages.

When dealing with chronic pain, drugstore remedies are just temporarily effective. And, crucially, they muffle symptoms which should be listened to.

To understand chronic pain, you need to always keep in mind that you don´t feel pain in the area that hurts.

You feel it in your brain. If your brain doesn´t register a painful area, it doesn´t hurt. (This is how anaesthetic works.)

So, is it possible to feel severe pain without your body being damaged?

Certainly. Think of amputees who can still feel an ache where their arm used to be.

This is because your brain carries a mental picture of your body, and all the sensations (including pain) that you feel are part of that picture.

Everyone has a mental picture of their body that includes a painful area where the sensitivity to pain is turned right up.

Imagine your ability to feel pain is like a radio. You can turn the volume up or down, and you can tune it to different stations.

Which brings us to the question – how was I able to feel no pain when I was at work?

Because at work I was focused on different things. My mind was fully occupied in listening to my patients – understanding their problems and looking for solutions.

It was like my brain was tuned to a different channel – the ´work´channel. And on this channel my usual back pain message was not important. So I simply didn´t receive the pain messages that I got when I was relaxing at home.

Realising this was was like a light going on in my head. If I could turn OFF the pain messages from my back when I was at work...Could I do the same at home?

I started reading everything I could about the mind body connection and how it works. I had a lot of doubts – after all, the back pain I felt was truly awful.

And I knew I´d damaged my back when I crashed – dropping like a stone from fifty feet up straight into the hillside.

But I thought – "I´ve nothing to lose – why not give it a go?" So I began to reconstruct the way my mind processed my pain messages.

After two months of specific mental exercises the back pain that had made my life a misery for six years was gone.  And now, 2 years later, I´m living pain free.

So, the big question is – Will this work for you?

First, let’s explore a few details and answer some questions.

Question 1: How long have you been in pain?

If your pain is chronic (3-6 months or more) it´s likely that your pain is partially due to a sensitised nervous system.

This means that although the damage has been healed, you continue to feel pain in that area because all the ´warning´systems in your body are still switched on full strength.

This is precisely the kind of pain that mind body exercises can help you with.

This course is for you:

In the Mind Body video course, you´ll find out:

Warning: the ideas in this product are very controversial.

You´ll probably find them quite hard to accept. If you have any skepticism regarding “the unconscious brain,” maybe even doubting its existence, then this will be a barrier for you to benifitting from this course.

And even if you are interested in the subconscious, most people find themselves shaking their heads and saying ´but my case is different.´

My only advice is – just Try It. It changed my life, and I´ve seen these concepts help many other people stop their pain.

This is not an over-the-counter remedy. In fact, it requires considerable thought on your part. It is a whole new way to think about health and living pain free.

However - it was the thing that made the single BIGGEST difference in my life - and since then I've helped hundreds of other people with chronic pain improve their quality of life as well.

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"Thank you that was helpful – there is definitely body mind connection and personally,when I have accepted the cause and effect of pain in my mind, I am able to look positively at ways to get rid of it and it has WORKED!" - Dolly Mani

"For a person that has been experiencing pain for 4 years now from a head on vehicle crash, the knowledge you have shared has become vital to my managing my physical – emotional issues related to my injuries. I have discovered that medical professionals can only do so much for certain types of injuries. The individual has to take some responsibility and control of the situation in order to manage the injury over time. ....you have given me the knowledge and resources to help me take control of my continual treatment. Thank you for all you have done to make my life better. God Bless You!" - Sandy

"To understand the nature of pain has to come from with in your self....Allowing me to find the deep connection of how my body express it self getting my attention. I have found that often the pain manifest so I have the opportunity to grow and understand myself at the cellular level of my being." Carolyn

"Hi Jonathon, The mind body technique works remarkably- I have a nagging, although not excrutiating pain, which I have always “put up with” in my elbow. I have not done much about it as I have other pain issues. For the purpose of the exercise I visualised it as a yellow spherical shape and it did indeed get smaller and turned white - amazing." - Gaynor

"Jonathan! .... I use this technique in my practice and my clients are not always sure at how something like that can work, but become very amazed at the results... Keep up the good service that you are offering the world. Cheers Elizabeth"

"I loved it! Your resources were great (pictures, videos, people reference)...MindBody Connection sounded like only theory. It was. I was interested in therapy (physical or massage) techniques like your other classes. However, this one has been the best ever! ...Unbelievable material.

"I loved the exercises you posted and the pictures and videos to go with it. My showers have never been the same!

"I am more in-tune with myself like never before." - Gloria Falcon

"Your summary of the mind-body connection and ongoing pain is brilliant and your courses in general have been so valuable for me, a bit like having a wonderful supportive friend in my computer with a constant stream of constructive ideas and suggestions.

"Pain does seem to be multi-disciplinary and each of your courses has had an important part to play in tackling my ongoing pain. I had a discectomy followed over a year later by a full fusion, as I had a developed spondilothesis. As you said it was like a fracture in the foot where the pain would never go away and only intensified. After the operation, which went well, I have had pain as you have described, with times of improvement but which can return with a vengeance.

"My spine seems to have gradually re-balanced and very slowly is making an almost complete recovery – although exercise still has to be smooth and gradual. Thank you for your e-mails and courses which have made a big difference." - Frances

"[The course is] Very well designed. I like having a daily theme to focus on. The thought-provoking questions are aligned with the daily themes. The language used in the communication is respectful and empowering. The complementary videos have been helpful. Your humility, joyful nature and real desire to be of service shines through.

"Already after 10 days, I feel a significant reduction in the pain in my back and knee, but more importantly, I experience big chunks of time during the day when I feel no pain, just overall ease. Hadn't felt that way for over 20 years.

"I now know (have accepted and experienced) that my pain is not permanent. While I have been doing a lot of 'hard work' to heal after my knee surgery, there was a part of me that didn't believe in the healing.

"Your course has definitely contributed to making me change my 'mind' about that, and my body is so grateful. yeah!"

France Girard

The concepts can be used immediately, and for some people they give a long-term solution and cure for chronic pain.

The course works best for people who are open-minded and unafraid. With these concepts, you can totally re-think how you understand your body – and how you deal with pain.

To get the most out of the course, you need to diligently follow through on this re-thinking process. And this leads you to the root cause of your pain and prevents future relapses.

Plus, while exploring the mind body connection, you get to learn more about yourself and your emotional reactions.

Believe it or not, but it’s truly a great opportunity. Being totally honest with yourself is a massively powerful part of the healing process.

You have to develop new habits of mental reflection. It takes a lot of patience and maybe sounds bizarre, but the results can be profound.

If you’re serious about healing and transformation, this course is for you.

The Mind Body Connection Course


60 day guaranteevideo course

The course comes with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try the product for 2 months and return it – not a problem.

You can use visa or paypal to purchase. You’ll go to a ordering page where your details will be secured using encryption technology.

Right after you buy, you’ll get your membership details emailed to you. You can use these to log in to our membership area and start watching the course videos immediately.

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