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New Common Sense Eating Plan to Reduce Chronic Trigger Point Pain

Eat Well, Feel Better, Reduce Inflammation and Get Back Your Normal Life

Muscle pain and nutrition - a 10 day transformation.

"Let food be thy medicine" - Hippocrates - Father of Western Medicine

I came across this quote many years ago, but it stuck with me as being uncommonly good sense. Then, a few years ago, I started sending the people who came to me with chronic pain to see a nutritionist as well.

The results were startling.

It turns out that changing what you eat - and when you eat it - can do a LOT to reduce chronic muscle pain and trigger points.

Over the years I've had many people writing to me to ask about nutrition - and how they can eat to reduce pain and inflammation. Here's a few of the questions people sent me when I asked them:

Is there any other topic you'd like to get info on?

"Yes. Something related to nutrition and/or medications for the treatment of chronic pain."

"Diet changes that can help reduce trigger points and what foods to stay away from."

"I think the nutritional and supplement/herbs that work with muscles."

"Maybe some word on the correct foods to eat would help some. I've started eating differently and losing weight and feel better."


So to answer these questions, I've gathered together several experts here - people who get results.

Now you're going to find out some simple things you can eat - and stop eating - to reduce muscle pain and inflammation in your body.

Firstly, here's what this is not:

Here's what the Simple Eating Plan is:

A common sense eating plan that works for almost anyone.

You'll get well grounded, scientific nutrition. In fact, you'll probably wonder why you didn't take this common sense approach to nutrition years ago.

You'll get an introduction to overall nutrition concepts that cuts through the nutrition myths. This eating plan is based on solid science, obtained by careful research.

It's a useful resource for the average, healthy individual to have at hand - more of a healthy living guide. You'll get all the complex nutrition information you see and hear every day distilled and turned it into something easy to use.

Now, you should know, there's nothing here that's completely new to anyone who is familiar with good nutrition. In fact, this isn't a breakthrough type of diet.

However - if you read it and feel like you should be doing all this already - why aren't you already following this advice?

It's like the classic 'eat less and exercise more' advice for weight loss - everyone knows it and no one actually follows it.

So, we've done something different. For the first time, after taking this course, you should feel not only motivated to adjust your relationship with food, but empowered to do so.

You'll get easy to apply eating plans - a guided way to change the way you eat - forever - in 10 weeks. It's incredibly simple, in manageable stages so you won't feel bombarded by dietary advice.

The aim here dietary educational empowerment for everyone.

"Very informative and useful... it's helpful to know what I should eat more of..."

"I found the additional material in the updated nutrition section of the "Life After Pain" course very informative and useful... it's helpful to know what I should eat more of and what to cut down on.

"For me the most helpful extras are the two pdf files in the "Simple Eating Plan", particularly the one giving advice on replacing supplements with real food. Both documents contain masses of useful dietary information. With the help of that I may be able to stop taking the calcium/magnesiom supplements that I'm currently taking (I suspect my diet is a bit low on calcium). I also found the detailed sources of Omega 3 very helpful.

"BTW, I loved the smoothies recipes. The Nutrition Course is now very comprehensive. As a non-expert I would find it difficult to suggest how it could be signifiantly improved.

Andy Stewart



The Simple Eating Plan also Includes:

And because there's so many complicated and hard-to-use-diets out there, we've made this one super simple.

You won't need to:

I've certainly never done any of the things listed above, so I can't really expect you to. This is a realistic eating plan, for normal people who have busy lives.

What's in the Course:

nutrition video 1

Expert #1: Ginny McArthur
- Registered Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

Ginny gives you the best meal plan to follow for the rest of your life. It will jumpstart your healthy eating by helping you keep your body fueled and your energy steady.

nutrition video 2

Expert #2: Dr Ian Wallbridge

Here you'll learn the science behind good nutrition and what a low inflammation diet can do for reducing triggers. We also review some of the supplements in this field - which ones help (and which ones don't.)

nutrition video 3

Expert #3: Mike Cushman, Pharmacist

Mike goes into how our bodies process food, and some very exciting developments in the nutrition world that could help reduce muscle pain and speed up healing.

nutrition manual

The Simple Eating Plan

You'll get a simple plan easy to follow to improve your diet and eat low inflammation foods.

That includes: a food diary, (vital for keeping track of what you're actually eating) the 10 week eating plan for shifting over to the low inflammation diet, and a simple to use low inflammation meal planner.

You'll be able to change your diet in easy, smart ways, feel full and healthy and enjoy a variety of tasty foods.

The answer to a low-inflammation diet really is that simple. Eat to these guidelines and that is it.

* * * * *

You'll get not just general ideas about the right food but also how the same food affects you if eaten at different times. Our nutritionist also knows just how much you'll crave foods like white bread and sweets when you first start.

So there's some very practical hints for managing the emotional side of changing your eating habits. And plenty of ideas for delicious low-inflammation alternatives.

All the experts in this course believe that food must be a source not only of ample nourishment but also of ample pleasure. And although this isn't a weight loss or body image course, many people who start eating this way do lose weight - which can also hugely help your body reduce pain and strain.

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In fact, as a 'thank you' for trying out the course, I'll send all your money back and you can keep the course.

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PS. If you're having doubts about whether this will work you, ask yourself - "if I carry on eating the way I have been, will this help to reduce muscle pain?" If the answer is no, then you owe it to yourself to at least try this course.

I've taken all the risk away with a 60 day money back guarantee. We're going to focus on simple, easy to do step to get your diet optimised for low inflammation pain reduction.