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Have you been in pain for a long time, and
no one can figure out why?

Could This Be What's Causing Your Muscle Pain?

Trigger Point Releases Relieve
Muscle Pain in 90 seconds. They could be
THE Difference Between Living in Pain -
and Getting Your Life Back

If you suffer from mysterious and FRUSTRATING chronic muscle pain and are at your wit's end – there may be a little known solution – one that you can 'try out' in less than 2 minutes.

I've seen this help put an end to months (even years) of "unexplained" pain in my patients

This treatment that provides a simple solution to a debilitating problem that seemingly does not HAVE any solution. (Doctors, acupuncturists, or even most up-to-date-book on muscle injuries often to miss this stunning information.)

Watch the video below to discover if this is what's causing your pain.

As you can see, the technique is not difficult. A layperson can start to treat themselves in just one and a half minutes.

Dr. Jonathan Kuttner
Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FAFMM


My name's Dr. Jonathan Kuttner and I've been treating people with chronic pain for over twenty years.

And every day in my clinic I see people who could take advantage of this life changing knowledge - if only they knew about it.

Previous work covered in:aammf





For many people, the answer lies in a little known body of knowledge - one which provides pain relief in as little as 90 seconds.

It's safe, effective, and you can try it yourself at home - without any special equipment.

Will Trigger Point
Treatment Work for You?

What to do if you cannot say one way or another
if trigger point treatment will work for you

It's natural to be a bit sceptical at first – especially when you're in severe pain. However, the simple solution to a lifetime problem could be in your own hands right now.

If you were beginning to dread that you'll be in pain for the rest of your life – try these techniques.

You may find it hard to believe that something so SIMPLE (something you could do yourself) could end such a debilitating problem that numerous doctors & specialists couldn't figure out.

For those of you who've suffered for years, finding real answers that get real results can be shocking.

I've had people completely amazed asking me: "It's this easy? I've been suffering all this time, when I could have fixed it myself?"

Typically, some trigger points respond immediately after a massage and others take several days.

If your pain is caused by trigger points, learn how to treat them, and begin again to look forward to a normal, pain-free life.

"I have been pain free ever since"

"I found Dr. Kuttner, I did it twice, and - I kid you not - I have been pain free ever since. I am a total believer. My girlfriend, her daughter had fibromyalgia...I treated her twice and she said her pain is about 60% better."

Click Here to Listen: (Time: 1:24 minutes)

Proof - My Credentials

Now, I don't usually like to blow my own trumpet. But since you've never met me before, let me tell you a little bit about my own experience.

I've been a family doctor 24+ years. Then, following a serious hang gliding accident (which left me with severe back pain for 6+ years) I specialised in musculo-skeletal pain.

I've now spent more than 8 years as a musculo-skeletal pain specialist. Combined, that's more than three decades spent diagnosing and treating patient's muscle pain - and teaching them how to treat themselves.

My Story - the Hang Gliding Crash

My journey into (and out of) chronic pain all began one day as I was hangliding above the cliffs of my local coast. I took a short cut across a ridge, and hit a downward stream of air. My glider dropped like a stone.

I was lucky to walk away from this crash with just a broken collar bone and a dislocated shoulder. But little did I know that the next six years were going to be full of chronic back pain and sciatica.

You see, the impact as I smashed into the ground damaged to my lower spine. Every morning was a battle to get moving. Day after day was a struggle as I managed to keep working and stay active.

But from every challenge comes an opportunity. After my own experience of chronic pain, I specialised in the treatment of chronic muscle and joint pain.

Today my chronic back pain has gone. I figured out how to cure my own back pain - and now I get to help other people do the same for themselves.

Why Trigger Points Come Into Story

Now - I started learning about trigger point many years ago. This is a body of knowledge that's been around for decades in Western medicine - but has been largely overlooked.

Discovering trigger points was one of those 'lightbulb' moments for me. I went through and found every trigger point I could on myself (I had loads of them) switching them off. This was the first time I was pain free - in as long as I could remember.

And in my clinic I meet a LOT of people with trigger points - some of whom had been in pain for years - and never knew that it was caused by trigger points.

So I started teaching people how to find and treat their own triggers. And I saw many people get their own
lightbulb moment - the moment when they realised that they could fix themselves.

Using just their hands - or a strategically placed tennis ball, they had everything they needed to treat their own muscle pain, and get rid of triggers - for good.

What is a Trigger Point?

The basic definition is a very small area of spasm within your muscle.The trigger point can be latent (not in spasm, but with that potential - like a dormant volcano) or active (spasmed and painful.)

Some people have a few active trigger points, some people have dozens. Trigger points can radiate pain throughout your body or in a specific location. It all depends on the type and number of trigger points that you have.

Most people have them (though they may not be active.) They can cause shooting pain, dull aching pain, and stiffness. And if you have active trigger points, all the anti-inflammatory pills, gels, exercises - even surgery won't do you any good.

What will help?

Learning how to find and switch off trigger points - and stop them coming back.

So how do you treat triggers?

Switching off trigger points is a matter of interrupting the spasm message your muscle spindle is sending to your nerve. And you can do this in a pain free way by using Ischemic Pressure.

Ischemic Pressure involves gentle increasing pressure on the trigger point. Over a few minutes, this will reset the messages to the muscle - switching off the trigger point.


This is a pain free trigger point release - you stay just below the pain threshold while gently increasing pressure. You can click here to watch a video to see how to do this...

But first, let's look at why some of the more traditional ways of relieving muscle pain that don't work if you have trigger points....

Why Your Sore Muscles Don't Go Away

muscle knot

There's stretching your muscles. This doesn't work because your muscles are in spasm and will continue to be in spasm until the trigger points are switched off.

Stretching muscles with trigger points is just like pulling harder on a knot - you'll just make it tighter.

What you actually want to be doing is loosening the trigger first-after which stretching can be very helpful.

Then there's traditional massage. This can be slightly helpful, but only if the masseuse is actually putting pressure on the trigger points. And to do an ischemic trigger point release you need to apply pressure in a very specific way.

Then there's anti-inflammatory gels and pills. These may relieve some types of pain but trigger points are not in fact caused by inflammation - so these are not so effective.

There are many ways trigger points can affect your life - and knowing how to treat them is valuable knowledge I'd like to get into the hands of as many people to know as possible.

"After the first treatment I noticed a difference. Now I am able to sit down without having to jiggle around
in pain." - Sandra Pilet

"I already have noticed an improvement in both the pain in my back and the numbing in my arm." - Tina Wattle

"In just the ten minutes since visiting your site & watching those two videos, I can turn my head & feel like a million dollars…" - Previously sore in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA!

What to do when Trigger Point
Pain is Stopping You doing
Normal Daily Activities

This is a real killer. I get a lot of patients who have had to stop the sports they love - and even simple things, like shopping, or cooking a meal - because of acute pain.

Find out what to do when the simplest things you do, like go shopping or working out makes you wake up in the morning feeling like you've been run over by a truck.

After suffering for years with these spasms see real hope. Create a future where you do things that you couldn't do before for fear of setting off triggers.

"I feel like I finally have a way of treating the problem. I feel more in
control of the situation..."

"I have found the course to be just what I was looking for, I think it's incredible. This is a common sense program, designed for the lay person to treat themselves to get relief from pain and related symptoms.

"I have had a problem with trigger point pain radiating from what I've learned to be my ilio castalis muscle group, up my neck to the back of my head and right ear for about four years.

"You have to understand that I have done a considerable amount of research on this subject and my doubts were that this course could be a scam or just some form of snake oil remedy, but the more I investigated trigger point therapy, the more sense it made.

"I have employed your methods and the symptoms have diminished significantly...I feel like I finally have a way of treating the problem. I feel more in control of the situation. Thank you for a wonderful treatment program." - Mark Mancuso

When Trigger Point
Pain is Stopping You
from Working

Find out what to do if you cannot not be healthy – when you have a home and family to feed and take care of. This is a major source of anxiety for a lot of people. Fortunately, trigger point therapy is something that you can do yourself - at home.

It doesn't require any extra equipment, or medication. Trigger release techniques put the control of your treatment back into your hands.

Discover a new sense of financial security once you know you’ll be able to work again and support your family – even if you’ve been unable to work for years because of unrelenting pain.

Get a System for
Doing Self Trigger
Point Treatment

Most people with multiple trigger points just go to the sore spot of the day. Much better for you is a systematic approach to treat multiple trigger points in the same region.

With this course you’ll get:

I want you to experience the relief that knowing and understanding about the trigger points can make in a person's life.

My mission is to help you be able help yourself – you don’t need to rely on the medical service to fix things for you.

By the end of this course you’ll know how to approach your trigger points as a complete picture. Restore confidence in getting your own self-treatment.

"The unrelenting pain I have felt for over one year is letting go..."

"This information and techniques is an answer to a prayer… the unrelenting pain i have felt for over one year is letting go. The iliopsoas has been the culprit all along...

" …the professionals just kept giving me back exercises to strengthen but the initial pain prevented me from doing any back exercises…Thank you so very much!" - Jenny Carlstrom

Resting and Restoring
AfterTrigger Point Pain

Poor quality sleep and rest can be a big contributing factor to trigger point pain. Lack of sleep can make the pain worse – and your muscles more tense – leading to more trigger points.

Find out how to relax your muscles, even if it seems they don't want to (or can't) relax so that you can stop and rest without pain.

This will help to get relief especially at night when the trigger point pain normally disturbs your sleep.

Here's what you'll get when you invest in the "Trigger Self Treatment Video Course":

tick Module 1: Head and Neck

Around 60% of people will get Tension Headaches at some stage this year - especially if they work on computers. And Trigger Points are a very common cause of tension headaches.

trigger point videos

With the right knowledge, you can switch off the trigger points that cause headaches as soon as you feel them starting.

Trigger points are a little known - but fairly common cause of jaw, tooth and mouth pain. I've had patients get extensive dental work - only to find that the cause of the tooth was trigger points.

tick Module 2: Shoulder and Upper Arm

shoulder trigger points

Shoulder pain is a big problem that's only getting worse - due to long hours on computers and poor posture.

Shoulder pain can feel like it's going to continue on forever - yet releasing trigger points in the rotator cuff and shoulder power muscles can provide tremendous relief.

  • Trigger points can cause continuous aching in the shoulder and top of the arm – find out what to do about this
  • If the shoulder exercises are doing nothing to help regain shoulder mobility - treating trigger points may help
  • Pain down your arm and into your hand can be caused by trigger points in your neck or shoulder - discover how to identify and switch off these triggers
  • Get techniques even beginners can use for treating large knots in trapezius on both sides - even when it seems as though there is nothing that can completely eliminate this problem
  • Warning: working at a computer all day for years can cause chronic shoulder pain - get ways to relieve this problem
  • Why muscle imbalances and shoulder impingements can come from untreated trigger points
  • Rotator cuff tear pain – and how to get help when the pain is extremely hard to deal with
  • After Shoulder Surgery there are often active triggers. Treating them can give pain relief – even if thus far physical therapy has not been helping.

tick Module 3: Upper & Lower Back

back triggers

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in the chronic pain patients I see. And often the problem is trigger points – or trigger points secondary to something else – like a ruptured disc.

The problem is – while a slipped disc has a natural recovery cycle, trigger points set off by the pain of the ruptured disc can continue for years - until they're treated.

  • Restore health when you identify which trigger points have caused neck, shoulder and lower back pain (even for decades) and finally gain relief by removing them.
  • Discover how trigger point treatment can reduce the pain due to mild scoliosis
  • Get methods to easily switch off back trigger points by yourself - even if you can't reach them.
  • Find out how trigger points can cause severe lower back pain – even if an MRI showed no disc problem

tick Module 4: Chest & Abdomen

chest trigger points

Trigger points in the chest that can cause you to suffer from chest pain. Once you've discounted heart and organ pain - the pain could be coming from trigger points.

And when you relax trigger points here it helps you breathe easier and strengthen your core.

Trigger points in your respiration muscles can cause other symptoms besides pain – for example shortness of breath. You'll find out how to look for and turn off these chest triggers yourself.

Abdominal Pain: I see a lot of patients who've had all manner of tests, and no one can find the cause of their abdominal pain. They've been given the diagnosis 'unexplained abdominal pain' - and then left to their own devices.

One cause many experts ignore is the muscles of the abdominal wall - and the trigger points there. After just watching the section covering the abdomen, you’ll be able to locate troublesome trigger points, apply trigger point massage treatment, and potentially stop abdominal pain.

You’ll know it’s worked when the pain doesn't come back.

tick Module 5: Forearm and Hands

hand trigger points

For hand and wrist pain - the usual suspects are arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and RSI.

What's overlooked is that trigger points in the forearm and hand muscles are a potent cause of pain in the wrist and hands.

Being able to treat triggers in these muscles can help relieve RSI, hand and wrist pain. Even when you have arthritis, a secondary cause of pain can be trigger points.

It's not until you treat these triggers that you'll know what proportion of the problem was actually caused by trigger points. In some cases, treating triggers can give significant pain relief.

tick Module 6: Buttock and Pelvis

buttock trigger points

This is a surprisingly common problem – and has caused ‘unexplained’ buttock and leg pain in people – sometimes for years.

These trigger points can be very deep and hard to get to - however there are techniques find and switch them off effortlessly.

Some gluteal triggers have pain very similar to sciatica. Intra-pelvic trigger points can cause pain that can be misdiagnosed as coming from your organs.

Get simple techniques you can use at home to treat these triggers yourself - even if they're very deep and hard to reach.

tick Module 7: Thigh and Knee

knee trigger points

This section is especially for athletes and runners - to help regain freedom of movement.

Even very fit and active people can get trigger points - in fact they can be more likely to get triggers.

It's a vital skill for any athlete to be able to maintain their own body - and this means being able to defuse any triggers in their leg muscles.

Trigger point treatment can help relieve painful cramps at night in calves, legs & feet, and there's one particular point that can cause instability in the knee.

In this module you'll discover which triggers to treat, how to treat them, and how to stretch the muscles accurately after treatment - keeping them supple and strong.

tick Module 8: Calf and Foot

calf trigger point

Hint - people often look in the foot for the source of foot pain. However if you have active trigger points these rules don't always apply.

Over the years I've had many people come with foot pain that's actually caused by muscles in the calf. Knowledge of how to release calf trigger points is vital for cyclists, runners and sportspeople.

We'll be covering the interesting relationship between Plantar Fasciitis and Trigger points that's often overlooked. The foot is a complex structure, and the interplay of muscles means that it's quite vulnerable to getting trigger points - which need to be switched off for pain relief.

Trigger point therapy can also help to ease pain in the underside and back of your heels even if just standing aggravates the pain.

If You’ve Had Trigger
Points for Years

The good news about trigger points is that they don't cause lasting damage to the muscle. This means that even if you've had trigger points for years - this doesn't mean you can't have a full recovery.

Find out how to deal with multiple triggers from neck to ankle that didn't develop overnight.

Even if now you seem to be working on certain points all the time, you can get lasting relief from trigger point therapy, and stop the pain returning quickly with specific techniques in the course.

Trigger Point Pain
After Surgery

After surgery your body is recovering from a trauma. This can cause trigger points to flare up, causing 'unexplained' pain that's often attributed to the operation.

If you’re in pain after surgery, trigger point therapy can be much more effective for the relief of pain than just plain muscle exercises.

Trigger Point Treatment
after a Serious Accident

Get relief from trigger point pain that’s come after being injured in an accident. Often soft tissue and muscle damage is not addressed properly after accidents – but this is where trigger points can cause lasting pain.

Discover if trigger points can continue to cause pain in an arm or leg that has been broken – and what you can do to relieve the pain and strengthen the limb.

Stay Fit As
You Get Older

Even if you’re noticing aches and pains more in general you don’t need to accept getting old!

Treating triggers can help manage the changes happen in your muscles as you age – allowing you to stay safe and fit.

In fact, latent trigger points are one major cause of muscle stiffness almost no one knows about – find out to how to treat latent triggers in this course.

Get Medical Professionals
to Help You

Armed with the knowledge in this course, you’ll be able to get medical professionals to help you even though in the past they’ve not being able to see your issue.

Get the knowledge you need to tell if the trigger point specialist you’re going to is good – or not.

There are trigger points specialists of all different levels, and some can cause more harm than help.

When the Medical Profession
Isn’t Helping

Some doctors are in too much of a hurry to listen, and just want to give out medications. You can end your reliance on this type of medical 'help' for your trigger point pain.

Even if your doctor has pronounced judgement that he/she knows what's causing things, try these techniques. Trigger points are often overlooked, and the treatments are easy to do at home.

Often you don’t know what was wrong with you, and the medical explanations you’ve been given don't seem right.

Listen to your body! Doctors, friends, family members, etc. do not necessarily know what is best.

No one lives in your body but you. If other people's explanations or advice don't seem right to you, they probably aren't...

"Your trigger point course has really given me the inspiration I needed...
I feel I can truly get better..."

"Hi Johnathon, I love the course & all the material. I have found it very informative and interesting. I am a massage therapist & Kinesiologist. About 2 years ago I was in an accident a lorry ran into the back of my car. I have had chiropractic treatment over the last two years, but steadily go back to pain and seizing up. I have spasms in my back & have given up running since the accident.

"Your trigger point course has really given me the inspiration I needed & now I feel i can truly get better. Thank you. I will be telling lots of clients about your site and course." - Sandra Shackleton

"Took your new video to heart and was free of pain immediately..."

"I have been in pain for months. I knew about trigger points but I was too aggressive. Took your new video to heart and was free of pain immediately. I am living in anticipation of it coming back. It seemed to belong to me in my head. Hours have passed by. All clear. God Bless you!!!!!" - Alice Benson

Find Out About Different
Treatment Options

Discover how different techniques like needling and injections compare to self treatment of trigger points.

Find out why cold and hot therapy works – and if this the only way to get rid of your knotted muscles.

Overcome the Psychological
of Chronic Pain

Restore your sense of health if you’re becoming doubtful whether you will be free from pain again.

Find a way to ease the pain – even if you’ve had it for as long as you can remember. There is an important key to overcoming pain that's been a part of your life for a long time.

It's an unusual technique, but I've seen it dramatically improve the lives of chronic pain sufferers.

Pain Free Trigger
Point Treatment

no pain

Discover trigger point releases that don’t hurt but do work – even when in the past physical manipulations have just made you REALLY sore.

You won’t need massage techniques that are EXTREMELY aggressive. If you have serious pain you need to be gentle and careful.

I don’t like to think of how many people have severely bruised or hurt themselves using forceful techniques - yet carried on – hoping for pain relief.

This simply isn't necessary - and in fact pain free trigger point release works better - for several unusual reasons.

Where Many Trigger Point
Therapists Get it Wrong


Some practitioners believe that "pain caused by massage is beneficial." Some even believe that if you have a particularly bad trigger point, you should try to give it "a good initial shot of pain."


Our bodies do not like pain. They do not respond positively to pain. Our muscles react to protect against pain. Causing pain is counter-intuitive - especially when you're treating trigger points.

You’ll discover that gentle work can cure your pain. You’ll learn to do the technique on yourself. Causing pain doesn't relieve pain - it's as simple as that.

When Pain Meds are
Not Working

Find out what do when pain relievers are doing NOTHING for you - even when you take pills 4+ times a day.

If trigger points are causing your pain, treating them can give relief from living in INSANE PAIN – even when you thought your life was over.

Restore your sense of health when you just really want to get better. If you’ve been dealing with this for many months now you are probably very frustrated. Find out how you can systematically make lifestyle as well as physical changes to finally live pain free.

Discover other options when pain meds result in your being very heavily sedated all the time – but you don’t want to live in extreme pain without any help.

Trigger Point Techniques
for Bodyworkers and
Medical Professionals

There are so many people who you can help that are suffering from trigger point pain. I had no idea how many people there were until I started treating trigger points in my patients.

All massage therapists should know how to accurately find triggers and do a pain free trigger point release.

Using the methods taught in this course I've been able to help my patients rid themselves of pain they've dealt with for years. And if you're a medical professional - find out how to help others so that they won’t experience this type of pain.

"I bought your course using it at my clinic and in my practice. Great course, really works well,
(and I'm just a novice)! Thank you!" - Winston A. Steadman, CHt.
Imagineering NW,

"Dr. K,These videos are great.I've been doing TPT for years and I must said that I have learned a tremendous amount of useful clinical information from you. You are a wonderful teacher! Thanks so much for your insights and knowledge. Dr. G" - Dr. Larry E. Gibson, The Chiropractic Physical Medicine Center -

How to Get the Information
You Need - Fast!

Firstly, you don't have listen to the entire course before you can start using the technique. Just watch the first section on diagnosis and technique, then go straight to the part that deals with your symptom area.

That means you spend a couple of hours listening, then go right at the treatment.

When you are in deep pain, the last thing you want to do is learn medical terms and spend time looking for which trigger point is causing pain.

So this course is geared to giving you trigger point relief fast. It has a summary with all trigger points related to different types of pain – for example wrist pain, arm pain, neck pain, etc. That way you can get straight to the part you need and get pain relief fast.

I’ve kept the course language down to earth as well - it will seem as if you’re right in the same room talking with me.

Get Your Accurate
Trigger Point Charts


The trigger point charts in this course are crystal clear - making the locations of different trigger points easy find. I know that a two-inch difference on your body can be substantial when you’re looking for a trigger, so the diagrams are very accurate - with physical markers explained so you can easily find them on yourself - or on other people.

In this course, you’ll get a comprenhensive layout diagram of where trigger points in your body are. You’ll also get tools to map out where the trigger points are for all the pain you’re in.

Trigger Point Therapy
For Athletes

If you’re an athlete, trigger point knowledge is invaluable. All serious athletes are bound to develop myofascial pains not just by doing the sports, but as a result of the REST of your lifestyle (desk jobs, etc.)

If you’ve been unable to work out and every muscle in your back feels strained and sore discover how to get back to being athletic.

Trigger Point Therapy -
What's Missing?

Now, here's the thing - I don’t want to set you up with unreasonable expectations. Trigger point treatment will only work for people whose pain is caused by trigger points.

As the testimonials on this page show, trigger point treatment can dramatically improve your life, but it’s not for everyone.

However, it’s definitely worth a try if you are in either acute or chronic pain - especially if you have pain that's been around for years and doesn't respond to other treatments.

Just keep reasonable expectations and listen to your body.

For some people the pain completely disappears after only a couple of treatments. For others the pain may significantly improve, but may not go completely.

But I definitely recommend giving these techniques a shot. Trigger points are not a cure-all, but in cases where people have pain that’s caused by triggers, the improvement in quality of life can be dramatic.

Overcome Self
Treatment Challenges

Discover how to self-treat when using your hands causes pains in your arms, and hand/wrist muscle cramps.

You'll get some very simple - but effective - workarounds in the course.

Exercise & Stretches to Stop
Triggers Coming Back

Find out the best stretches and toning exercises (scaled down if you are disabled by severe trigger points) to help ensure that the trigger point treatment relief endures.

Get techniques to stretch imbalanced muscles after trigger point treatment without causing further damage – and regain flexibility and strength in the muscle.

Avoiding Future
Trigger Point Pain

Get techniques to deal with random situations that might lead into developing more trigger point problems - for example, insomnia and stress.

Find out what you can do to rebound and not let a situation with severe trigger points become chronic.

Most people don't want trigger points ever again – you’ll get techniques to help you with this.

If you’re concerned that you could end up with many permanent knots – find out the truth about how triggers work and whether this can happen.

Get Much More Effective at
Treating Your Triggers

Discover what to do when you know which muscles are the key to your problem, but you cannot seem to reach them to treat them.

Trigger Point Course Bonuses

Trigger Point Finder

Free Bonus #1: The Trigger Finder ($17 Value)

163 page manual showing all the major trigger points in your body. Downloadable, printable, with clickable links for fast trigger point location.

big stretch

Free Bonus #2: The 'Big Stretch' ($19 value)

A special stretch I've developed that is, in my opinion, the best way to start the day. It's also a great guard against tension headaches and muscle stiffness.

nerve stretch

Free Bonus #3: Nerve Releases ($27 value)

I ran a clinic for musicians part time for eight years. I found this technique of nerve release to be particularly helpful for musicians in pain or anyone who is using their hands in fine controlled movement every day.

mind body

Free Bonus #4: The Mind-Body Connection

Discover how to win the mind game and why you have a choice in how you feel pain.

myofascial release

Free Bonus #5: Myofascial Release Technique

Use this techniqe to release sore and tender muscles. This is one technique that you need two people for - I have found it to be extremely effective in releasing pain and tension quickly.

trigger point exercises

Free Bonus #6: Core Strengthening Exercises ($47 Value)

This is key for longer lasting trigger point pain relief. Weak muscles are much more likely to have trigger points.

If you have strong core muscles, your trigger point treatments will be much more effective, and last longer.

Trigger Course Guarantee


We offer a special 'No Questions Asked' guarantee. Basically, you can try out these techniques risk free for 2 months. If you're not completely happy with your pain relief, just email me and you can get a courteous and prompt full refund - no questions asked.

In fact, as a 'thank you' for trying out the course, I'll send all your money back and you can keep the course.

Own the Trigger Point Course
And the Posture Course Today
Completely Risk Free

(You get a 60 Day Unconditional
Money Back Guarantee)

To get your access, just click the option you want below.

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PS: Trigger points cause pain, anxiety, fustration and lower the quality of your life. Once you have an effective tool box for treating them you can control them and start to deactivate them. These skills have worked very well for me and hundreds of patients over the years, and I'd like to see you benefitting from them too.

PPS: You can try out this product for 60 days risk free. My hourly rate at my clinic is normally $330 per hour, so more than 6 hours of condensed video that you can pause, rewind and fast forward as you need to is excellent value.paypal

"Many massage therapists will appreciate your work."

"I am a massage therapist and it works both my clients & treating myself. This course is much better than massage CEU credit course. You should apply for the American Massage Association's CEU provider. I think that many massage therapists will appreciate your work." - Akiko Mashburn

"I have found that incorporating some of your techniques with mine helped my clients greatly..."

"Hi Jonathan,

As a trigger point therapist, I have found your course to be very helpful in bringing simplicity to my treatments. As with anything, you just need a little show and tell to help you with some things, and that’s how your course has helped me.

"I had researched your program before purchasing and found that it would be a great addition to my practice. I have found that incorporating some of your techniques with mine helped my clients greatly.

Paul E Laviolette"

Paul E Laviolette HHP RCRT CCP

"In just the ten minutes since visiting your site & watching those two videos,
I can turn my head & feel like a million dollars…

"Thank you so much for the informative video on trigger points & neck tension! I have been suffering for over a month now with a sore neck & very tight upper back/shoulder muscles!

"I’ve been doing stretches (as given to me by a chiropractor) but without the breathing (for the neck) & the knowledge of the amount of pressure to be putting on my trigger points I have been obviously prolonging & worsening the pain!

"In just the ten minutes since visiting your site & watching those two videos, I can turn my head & feel like a million dollars… well, almost that good! I’ll be sure to do this on a daily basis now. Thank you again.

Previously sore in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA!"

"After 2 years of pain in my leg and having spent $1000's of dollars in treatment for multiple theories I came across your website and instantly recognised my problem...After the first treatment I noticed a difference..."

"Hi Jonathan,
I am finding all your information extremely helpful.Especially the answer to Krista as I think I am at this stage in my recovery at the moment.

"After 2 years of pain in my leg and having spent $1000's of dollars in treatment for multiple theories I came across your website and instantly recognised my problem. No thanks to pain specialists and other practioners with no knowledge of trigger points.

"After the first treatment I noticed a difference. Now I am able to sit down without having to jiggle around in pain. Because I have multiple trigger points that are still causing pain it is taking a while and I would really like to return to the gym.

"So to treat triggers as well as light exercise sounds great to me. Thank you very much. I will continue to read up on your website and I send all your information to my son who is a personal trainer in Sydney. He didn't know about these either.

Regards, Sandra Pilet

"I already have noticed an improvement in both the pain in my back andthe numbing in my arm..."

"I have spent lots of time, mileage and money on all of these doctor visits and none of them gave me as much information and (finally) some relief on my trigger point pain and numbing as you have.

"I finally became so frustrated that I gave up on doctors and began researching my symptoms on the internet. I don't know how I became so lucky to have stumbled upon your site.

"At first I thought it was a money scam but once the information started arriving in my inbox I knew I had found someone really special.

"I am following your videos and working with ice, the massage tool and heat and I already have noticed an improvement in both the pain in my back andthe numbing in my arm. " - Tina Wattle

"I have now had 8 days virtually pain-free & that includes the lower back."

"To start off, I would like to say just how much I appreciate the time& effort that you have spent in creating a course which I am sure will hugely benefit everyone who has cause to use it.

"I have found the course to be extremely interesting as the video, dialogue, charts, lessons and so on have been presented in a easily accessible manner and now have a much greater insight into all the pain created by trigger points & what can be done to obtain significant relief without the use of medication.

"I have found that the whole course continually provides one with the incentive & determination to keep on
going as results are quite significant.

"When I first discovered your site I knew right away that this is what I needed to learn & put into practise in order to relieve years of debilitating pain in my neck, shoulders & lower back...I was even more convinced that this will be the answer to my problems & the first thing I did on returning home to Canada was to purchase your course.

"I have had a lot of success with my neck & shoulders. Together with treating the points & following up with the
stretching I have now had 8 days virtually pain-free & that includes the lower back. The difference has been incredible. I still have to work a lot on the lower back but I do know now that as long as I persevere & do not become complacent I am soon going to be free to live a normal life.

"Take care & thank you very much for taking care of my pain" - Brian

"I purchased my membership that day and have looked no further
for information on Trigger Point Therapy..."

"Dear Jonathan,
As a registered yoga teacher and curious by nature, I am always looking for ways to improve my yoga practice and deepen my ability to teach. The concept of Trigger Point is new to me, but was introduced as a way to explore, and understand my unique or individual patterns of tension through self applied trigger point therapy. I am not sure I have ever experienced such a clear “AHA” moment.

"Eagerly I began to search online but it was your site that stopped my search. I purchased my membership that day and have looked no further for information on Trigger Point Therapy. You are clear, professional, and it is though I am enrolled in school. I look forward to, and appreciate, your constant updating of information. The video presentations are excellent and have been my greatest learning tool as well as the downloadable manuals……I have an organized binder dedicated to “lifeafterpain” for reference and I visit your site regularly for there is always new something to learn.

"It is clear to me that “trigger points” can be the missing link in the evolution of understanding and releasing our muscular tension at any age, in any circumstance, from athletes to those with chronic pain.

"My experience with self applied trigger point therapy has been profound and Jonathan your site has been my teacher. Thank you for your brilliant knowledge and what must be exhausting research for you, so that we can learn this vital, ongoing process of the body. As well, I appreciate the approach you take with the mind and visualization.

"I cannot imagine how you can improve your site….I look forward to your continued study, the informative email newsletters, and your willingness to publish the work to teach us!!!!!!
May we never stop learning!!!!!!!!

Ana Johnson

"It's great to have things explained properly. And with the understanding gained one can make better choices to help alleviate the pain. Thanks Jonathan" - Anton S

"Dear Dr. Kuttner,  I watched your video on stretching neck muscles. Finally there is a method of stretching that works and makes sense! " - Dara S

"I am a qualified massage therapist. I watched all videos on your website, and found some very interesting information. I will use it in my massage routine." - Albina Grigaliuniene

"I find them very informative and so easy to comprehend..."

"I am currently in school for Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, and am finding your website a great resource.  If it is ok with you, I would like to email some of my fellow students your web address, so that they may watch the videos, as I find them very informative and so easy to comprehend, and I think they will too."

Renee H,
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States of America

"The course helped tremendously... pain started as a 9 out of 10 and I'm down to about a 3 or 4..."

"I had a nasty mountain bike accident and tangled my back up. Bones were ok but the muscles were pulling all the wrong ways. Nerves were hypersensative. Needed a little more real life video on finding and self treating trigger points in my back.

"Could I find the trigger points? Could I treat the TPs? Was I finding the right TPs, primary and secondary?

"Of the work I've done, I've worked a lot of pain out. The course helped tremendously, I know everything won't go away in a day.

"The pain moved in my back from right scapula (initial landing point) to middle back to left scapula to just below left scapula upwards and around to left traps and neck with sensative nerves that run over and through my shoulder and down the back of my arm to my middle three fingers.

"Daily stretching, finding and working trigger points, ice and heat....they all help, but I sure would like the pain to go away. In all fairness, pain started as a 9 out of 10 and I'm down to about a 3 or 4." - Terry Deguisne

"If I have a pain, Press on the trigger and it goes away.."

"You and your information has already helped me so much. I was really having quite a ad pain in my neck and now after working with your trigger point therapys, I feel soooooo much better.

"As long as I do my exercises in the morning to loosen me up and then If I have a pain, Press on the trigger and it goes away.. That is just wonderful." - Kathy Tate

"I did as you explain for about a week and one day I wake up without pain..."

"Dear Jonathan, thank you very much for your were an answer to my prayers, I was in so much pain, no means to buy medications and living alone, the only way to be  pain free was to do what you show on your videos. IT WORKED!

"I fractured my left foot in three parts...with cast  and crutches for four weeks my whole body was on pain,  especially my left leg and lower abdomen...I started looking for the trigger points...I did as you explain for about a week and one day I wake up without pain...I don't have words to express my gratitude to you for what you're doing. 

"Thank you again, Lizzie"

"Now after the third week; I am albe to return to my secular work and walk better."

"I wanted to Thank you for all the information that has been provided. I had been doing intramuscular treatments for a tendon in the back of my right leg which was very weak. i guess a nerve was effected which made it so I could not sleep.

"It was day and night, throbbing pain... Well after this, I was practically invalid and could not walk. I lost a week of work, it effected all my daily activities.

"So when I found out about the trigger points this greatley helped me. Now after the third week; I am albe to return to my secular work and walk better. I plan to print the trigger point manual on quality paper to make file cards of them for future reference." - Laura N

"I have reviewed some of it, and I am very impressed with all of the information. I believe the course would be very useful for a therapist, Chiropractor.....I will not hesitate to recommend your course to my Chiropractor. Sincerely, Joni "

"You, in contrast, discuss gentle and painfree alternatives..."

"I just want to thank and encourage you. I always appreciate excellence and integrity -- what I have seen on your on-line videos about GENTLE PAIN-FREE pressure point treatment is 180 degrees the opposite of most on-line advice about massage.

"I have suffered tension shoulders and neck for years, and have spent hours this week reading on-line material about applying strong pressure and buying tools, peg boards etc -- you, in contrast, discuss gentle and painfree alternatives. Thank you. Your online videos are clear, simple and much appreciated.

"-- and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way you offer a 60 day 100% unconditional refund. I just had to send you this email to say that you appear to be a man dedicated to health who, after 20 years as a GP, have specialised in these treatments. And I always try to express appreciation to those individuals among the crowd who offer excellence and integrity. Thank you." - Kevin Phillips

"I’ve got to the bottom of my knee and lower back problems after 8 months of wasted time..."

"Thank you Jonathon absolutely brilliant information which I will now have to put into practice.

"I’m sure that I’ve got to the bottom of my knee and lower back problems after 8 months of wasted time with the medical profession (they are really very nice but they don’t have time to listen to you properly), sending me for bowel and hernia screening sessions." - S. Gordon

Your technique is amazing for the main reason that I have tried it on my patients and even my mother and it relieves their agony of pain. Thanks and want to hear more from you with other techniques." - Dr. Rodilon Banez

"After 2 1/2 years of pain, I AM NOW ON DAY 8 OF NO PAIN..."

"I have read all your e-mails, they are very very helpful. It is good to understand what is happening and I am so grateful to you.

"You are indeed a very kind man. I have been having acupuncture from my NHS Physiotherapist, have had 5 treatments up to now, and 1 next week.

"After2 1/2 years of pain, I AM NOW ON DAY 8 OF NO PAIN. I hope this continues. If the trigger point has been “switched off” by the acupuncture, then I am optimistic.

"I will continue concentrating on the posture and I will try the tai chi exercises after it has really settled down. I have ordered a pilates ball to also help my core stability. All of this is due to the information you have so freely given. Thank you. " - Barbara Snowball

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