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Trigger Point Charts & Treatment Videos - Treat All the Major Muscles in Your Body for just $17 $9.95

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  • 167 Page Trigger Chart PDF
  • 6 Methods of Trigger Release you can do yourself
  • New video on the Mind Body Connection

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Plus ... a Bonus Course on Core Breathing ($14.95 Value)
.. This Can be a Game Changer When It Comes to Preventing Triggers

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"It's great to have things explained properly. And with the understanding gained one can make better choices to help alleviate the pain. Thanks Jonathan" - Anton S

"Dr. K,These videos are great.I've been doing TPT for years and I must said that I have learned a tremendous amount of useful clinical information from you. You are a wonderful teacher! Thanks so much for your insights and knowledge. Dr. G" - Dr. Larry E. Gibson, The Chiropractic Physical Medicine Center -