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This chart book will help you find your myofascial trigger points. It's simple, easy to use, and contain 45 of the most common muscles to get triggers.

It's a downloadable chart book, with cross referenced links for easy navigation. This means you can find the trigger points both by muscle name, and by the areas that they cause pain.

With the help of this tool, you'll discover:

  • What muscles refer pain to different areas
  • How you can methodically locate trigger points
  • The anatomy of common muscles + their triggers
  • Bonus links to how to free videos on how to self-treat your trigger points and switch them off

    To see what muscles are covered in the charts, just look at the online version (below) or scroll down to see the list of muscles.

    The downloadable version works quite similarly to the online version - only faster, and it's printable and the pages are numbered and cross referenced.

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Muscles Covered in the Trigger Point Charts
Adductors - Longus, Magnus and Brevis
These muscles pull the thigh inwards. Triggers cause pain along the inside of the thigh with radiation up into the pelvis.
This is a strange pain pattern - triggers refer up into your shoulder and down into your elbow - not into your biceps at all.
Deltoid - Anterior and Posterior
The deltoids are the power muscle of the shoulder. They refer pain locally in the shoulder into the upper arm.
Foot Intrinsics
Triggers cause pain within the ankle & foot
Forearm Extensors
Triggers cause pain in the wrist, hand and fingers. There is often weakness and stiffness in the grip.Foot flexors triggers cause pain in the big toe.
Causes head tension headaches and pain in the front of your head
Triggers cause pain in the calf and under the sole of the foot.
Gluteus Minimus and Medius
The gluteus minimus muscle can mimic the pain of sciatica – it can run right down your leg. Gluteus medius refers pain locally.
Gluteus Maximus
This the big power muscle of the buttock. Trigger points are relatively easy to access, and refer pain locally.
Hand Intrinsics
Triggers cause pain & stiffness in the fingers and awkwardness in fine movements.
Triggers refer pain into the neck, arm and into the upper back.
Triggers cause sharp localised pain in between the ribs
Intra Pelvic Muscles
Triggers can only be reached by internal examination by a medical professional, but triggers can be relieved in this way. They refer pain in the pelvis and groin.
Latissimus dorsi
This causes pain up in the shoulder and arm, and locally in the back.
Levator Scapulae
This causes pain locally in the shoulder
This long back muscle refers pain into the mid back, lower back and buttock.
This muscle refers pain mainly to your jaw and cheek.
These small muscles stabilise each segment of your spine. Triggers refer pain locally in the back.
The obliques are important core stabilizers. They refer pain into the abdomen and groin
These cause pain to the front and top of your head.
Triggers cause pain over the outer ankle or foot
Pectoralis Major and Minor
The pectoralis causes pain in the shoulder and down the arm. The pectoralis minor can contrict the nerve bundle that runs into your arm. This can cause sharp shooting pains, tingling and
numbness into your arm.
When this muscles is tight, it can
compress the nerves that run down into your leg. This can cause shooting pains running right down into your leg.
Triggers cause a localised pain over the back of the knee.
Psoas Muscles
This is a really deep muscle. Triggers here refer pain into the back, into the abdomen and upper thigh.
Pterygoid - Lateral & Medial
Pterygoid Triggers in these complex muscles cause jaw pain. They can also contribute to TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.
Quadratus Lumborum
The quadratus lumborum is a posture muscle that causes lower and mid back pain.
Rectus Abdominus
This muscle group is are known as your abdominals, or ‘abs.’ These are unusual in that they refer pain into your stomach, but can also refer pain into your lower and mid back.
These refer pain locally in the back of your shoulders
Triggers cause pain in the chest, upper thoracic spine, arm & hand. They also can cause nerve entrapment in the brachial plexus – causing pain, numbness and weakness in the arm and hand.
Triggers cause pain in the back of the thigh and up into the buttock
Triggers here cause pain in the heel, calf and very rarely over the lower back.
This causes pain in the ear, cheek and jaw. The can also mimic the nerve pain of trigeminal neuralgia
These cause pain deep in your head and tension headaches
This causes pain in the shoulder and down the arm
This muscle refers pain to the teeth. It can be a confused with toothache.
Thenar Eminence
Triggers cause pain in the wrist & thumb with stiffness and interference in fine motor skills of the hand.
Upper Trapezius
This is one of the commonest muscles to get triggers. It causes pain from the side to the front of your head, and in the shoulder.
Vastus Lateralis
This muscle is largest portion of the quadriceps and makes the knee straighten out. Pain is felt along the outside of the buttock, thigh & knee.
Vastus Medialis
Triggers cause pain in the inner thigh and knee. It can cause the knee to collapse unpredictably.

These Charts are immediately downloadable, printable and cross referenced both by muscle and by area of pain. When you open the pdf file on your computer, all the links are clickable for quick reference and fast navigation. (It works like the trigger finder online, only quicker.)

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