Life After Pain Affiliate Program

The Life After Pain Affiliate Program can help you make some serious income or just earn a little extra money while helping others finish their muscle pain and get back their normal lives

We have a wide range of products on offer: digital download products, physical products and information products. Commissions vary per product and you can earn between 30 - 80%! Click here for our list of products and commissions.

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How the Program Works

You get your own affiliate id. When you log into the affiliate center, you get links hard coded with your id. When people click on these links, your referral gets recorded.

If these people buy a product (even weeks later) you get credited with the commission.

You don't even need to send people to our sales page. You can simply refer them to opt in to receive our free email series - full of valuable information for treating chronic pain.

Once they're opted in to our newsletter, we look after their needs, and you get commissions from any products they buy. We're constantly split testing and refining our marketing system so we know what works.

We're also improving and adding new products every year. So you'll always be on the leading edge of chronic pain treatment.

You'll get paid commissions monthly. We pay all our affiliates via PayPal. It's free to sign up for paypal and you can easily link it to your bank account. There's a $25 minimum commission requirement to receive a payment.

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